Urbin FAQs

Does the Urbin work on uneven surfaces?

We suggest that you have a concrete foundation or other hard base material such as interlocking or stone on which to install your Urbin. It is critical that you have a level surface for the Urbin.

Does the Urbin need to be anchored to the ground?

Most customers do not need to anchor the Urbin to the ground. Anchoring the Urbin to the ground is possible. Customers must supply their own hardware to affix the Urbin to the ground.

Are the feet adjustable?

The Urbin comes with leveling feet to allow customers the ability to level the Urbin on surfaces which have minor height variations. 

Does the wood need to be treated?

The wood used on the Urbin is coated with a clear coat of paint. Over the years, the wood weathers and gets a silver-gray appearance unless paint is re-applied regularly.

Does snow and ice accumulate on the Urbin?

The lid has a small incline which allow snow, ice and rain to drain off the Urbin and makes it easy to operate in cold conditions.